About Alshaaf

Alshaaf Bargain Centre Ltd. is the sole distributor of LG Air Conditioners and Ventilation Systems. It is a leading and growing professional practise involved in the design, supply, installation, commission and service of LG Air Conditioners and ventilation as engaged in numerous governmental, commercial, residential, educational and industrial projects and is renowned for 23 years of excellence in Tanzania. Its growth is facilitated by plans to expand into various regions of the country to sustain its future prospects in reaching out to new markets.

Alshaaf is a household name and player in this industry and is oriented towards innovative, efficient and friendly sales and services of LG Air Conditioners and ventilation, geared also to meet the specifications and standards of our customers.

Our product range focuses on two aspects the Residential Air Conditioners and the Commercial Air Conditioners markets. For both these markets Alshaaf has a wide variety of products which have an extensive array of features covering all the basics and the requirements of our customers and the market. We have also products that are streamlined for specific uses, in particular circumstances to cater for certain niche customers and markets. Alshaaf provides products that are designed for any place and space also combining various requirements owing to their innovation to give its customers and the market self fulfillment, choice and just the right amount of cool. Hence, Alshaaf- Life is Cool

Our distribution of products has many channels with various distribution points making our products and services readily available as a result of numerous strategically located outlets throughout the country. Alshaaf has a reputation of handling large consignments on a regular basis and conforms to these bulk orders promptly and in an efficient manner.

Alshaaf aspires to give its customers and the market a satisfying and unheralded experience to take care of their needs at every step of the way.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To be the pre-eminent provider of superior products and services by consistently improving the quality of our product; to add value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance; and to serve with character and purpose that brings honor to our esteemed customers.

Our Vision
To stand out as a company with passion for quality in our products and services, professionally delighting our customers whom we see as the essence of our operations, looking to translate our culture and what we offer, successfully throughout the market

Organization Chart

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