Single Split Wall Mounted

The most comfortable airflow for the human body can be found in nature. After countless analysis, LG has applied the scientific Chaos theory to its Air Conditioning range, which effectively produces a natural, fresh breeze.

Sleep Mode

With one touch of the Sleep mode button, it automatically programs the Air Conditioning Unit to turn off, controls the fan speed and adjusts the set temperature for a more comfortable sleep.

Healthy Dehumidification

Dehumidification mode reduces uncomfortable humidity from the room without over cooling.

Auto Clean

A main cause of air conditioner odors is mould and bacteria that breed in the heat exchanger. The Auto Clean function dries the wet heat exchanger to help prevent mould and bacteria from breeding thus significantly reducing the old rag smell and saves you from frequent cleaning.

Hot Start Function

During starting of the unit in the heating mode it prevents cold air blowing from the unit. It starts the indoor fan only after indoor unit pipe temperature reaches a preset value (28C). When indoor unit pipe temperature reaches 28C, then for initial 1 minute the indoor fan runs at a low speed and after that at the setting speed.