Ceiling Concealed Type

Hidden in the ceiling, this product is suitable for applications that require floor level or individual level air conditioning for buildings where there are many rooms or halls, such as restaurants, concert halls and hotels. Installation is not hindered by the location of lighting fixtures or room structure, and interior renovation is made easy with the installation of various ventilation diffusers.
Application of Ceiling Concealed Duct

It is possible to make each room cool & warm with installing a chamber and a spiral duct.

Two Thermistor Control

There may be a significant difference between the temperature taken at the installed product and indoor temperature. Two thermistor control provides option to control temperature by referring any of the two temperature. With the help of the slide switch at the back of the LCD wired remote controller, selection of the desired thermistor for controlling the unit can be done. One thermistor is in the Indoor unit & the other one is in the LCD wired remote.

Download PDF Format for Ceiling Cassette Line Up:

TB - C186HSS1 / TB - C246HSS0

TB - C366GSS0