Single Packaged

This is an economical and user friendly product suitable for premium sized houses and shops. It features various functions including Auto Restart, Washable Anti-bacteria Filter.
Easy Installation

The unit can be installed outdoors to save valuable indoor space, or in locations where no ceiling space is available. Ground or roof installation options provide total flexibility according to your requirements.

Easy Maintenance & Service

The all-in-one design, with all access panels located on one side of the unit and color-coded wiring, greatly facilitates aintenance and service.

Additional functions available with duct system

All units are designed for reverse-cycle operation, which means electric heating functions can be added by specialized dealers. This model also allows complete control over fresh air intake, ratio of air purification, as well as monitoring and automatic zone control (additional features available from specialized dealers), through the powerful LG control system.

LG's Cooling Load Calculation Program

Selecting an air conditioner with the right capacity is very important. A unit that is too small or too big will not only affect your comfort, but may also unnecessarily increase your initial purchasing cost and operational expenses. The LG cooling load calculation program helps you choose the right system for your specific needs.

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